The 16th Chadirji Awards


It’s the 16th Chadirji Award for Architecture students in Lebanon. 18 Students from 8 different universities (LU, AUB, USEK, BAU, ALBA, NDU, LAU, Manar) with 18 different architectural projects participated in this competition which is considered the most important architectural competition in Lebanon.

The Event was organized by the Chadirji Foundation in collaboration with the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut. The jury included experts and international architects like Francesco Polesello and Edward Suzuki.
The results of the competition were announced on Friday 26 February in the Order of Engineers and Architects.
And the winners (for 2015 projects) are:

– 1st Prize: Vanessa Houeiss (USEK): Synthetic Discovery in Beirut
– 2nd Prize: Ghalia Korban (AUB)
– 3rd Prize: Alexandre Zein (USEK): Syrian Refugees Camp

Congrats for the winners !!

> you can check the photos of the event by visiting this page’s photo album: Press HERE



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