Design Workshop: “Healing Architecture”

12386610_10156387343135473_1186702160_nDesign Workshop: “Healing Architecture”

As-Safra, Lebanon 04-11 January 2016

It’s this time of the year where Parallel Studio celebrate holidays in meaningful ways! Join their next healing architecture design workshop on January 2016 at As-Safra Lebanon

“Healing Architecture” is a design workshop for architecture and design students to learn about healing old and abandoned spaces within our communities with a real case study of an old house where the workshop is hosted in As-Safra Mount Lebanon. Students will have the opportunity to learn methods used by Cuban Organization Arquitectos De La Comunidad

Entry Fees are $20 that cover attendance and brunch breaks of the 7 day event!
RSVP by mail
Limited seats for 20
Jury members and Certificate Eligibility to be announced

For more info:


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