On All Nighters and Architecture 1


The last 4 or 5 or even 6 ,7 days I can’t remember,I started the usual all nighter series before the due date to my project.it was one hell of a week.i usually split my laptop screen to two parts,autocad or 3Dmax on one side,and youtube or a series or a movie on the other side.it’s a bit distracting right?Wrong.while CADing ,I flipped through youtube ted talks about inspiration and how to get ideas-it’s good to listen to talks and podcasts about creativity while you’re trying to be somehow creative-and I stumbled across a talk about a man who made a paper origami microscope for African countries so they could test water,and it only costs 50 cent,wich is pretty amazing,I quicly started to watch the next video on the playlist,the first 20 hours to learn anything,and it was also amazing,but not like the last one,so I switched moods,I played oum koultoum for a while,3 or 4 hours,two songs.

Then it was time to watch a long documentary,time was passing and it was nearly 5 am,I started of course with “no direction home”a Martin Scorsese documentary about Bob Dylan,and followed it with one album of bobs bootleg series then two fast paced Jacques Brel and Radiohead songs so I could avoid sleepiness,I felt like I’m in a danny boyle movie,and then I thought,hey,danny boyle!

I watched “shallow grave”,”trainspotting” and “127 hours”,it was now 4 pm and I was ahead of schedule in my project,so I closed the laptop and slept for 5 hours.

Woke up 9pm,played my harmonica for a good 30 minutes,had some dinner and I was good to go.i was too mixed up to focus on anything so I played pink floyds atom heart mother and abd l halim’s kareat al funjan and I was in the mood for something new to watch.i watched ken burns’ documentary about frank Lloyd wright,the great American architect and the antonionis “zabriskie point” and a documentary about the universe narrated by morgan freeman.

drank tea,2 cups.
Showered for a long long 20 minutes.
Felt very tired,but I knew I could still manage to stay awake for a couple movies.
I watched 2 ted talks about fasting,blew my mind.
Im currently thinking seriously about intermittent fasting for it has infinite benefits for the body and the mind,as I checked after watching these videos.

Played the beatles for almost 2 hours wich pumped me up and kicked me down.
Beatles always bring memories.

As to bob Dylan,I played visions of johanna,wich is kind of my tp soundtrack always,I used to play it in my early Dylan days 5 or 6 times a hour,and it’s a 7 minute song…
After Dylan,I had to listen to some old old blues,1920s ones.
It was a good start to my day,or night.i lost track.
I began to jump from 1 artist to another.

From bob Dylan to
Eric Clapton covering Dylan to
Claptons influence, muddy waters
To lead belly
To jhonny cash
To june carter,a female,wich made me remember joan baez,dylan’s girlfriend,I was in a infinite circle of different types of music and cultures.Baez made me remember Dusty springfield,who covered Jacques Brels “ne me quitte pas” to “if you go away”.

I love Jacques brel.
Watched 3 documentaries about him in a row.

‘ Il y en a qui ont le coeur si vaste qu’ils sont toujours en voyage.’ Jacques brel

To be continued.

By Omar Layza


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