Top 10 Sexiest Jobs for Men

When it comes to wooing the ladies, some careers have an edge over others. While the stereotypes of sexy policemen and doctors still persists, we’re finding that women also go weak in the knees for a man in a well-tailored suit – such as lawyers, architects and accountants.

While some of these careers come with a big pocketbook, others come with more altruistic or creative responsibilities. There’s just something irresistible about a man who wants to make the world a better place.

No matter the reason, here are the top 10 careers women find to be the most attractive in a potential partner.

  1. Architect

    Architect in a suit
    Annual Salary: $73,090

    If there’s one thing a woman wants in a man, it’s commitment and stability. Nothing screams commitment like something that is built on a concrete foundation and set in stone: literally. Go ahead, then. Design something that will last forever. You won’t hear any complaints from the ladies.

  2. Lawyer

    Image of a Lawyer
    Annual Salary: $113,530

    It never hurts to have someone with an intimate knowledge of the law on your side. Add the allure of a courtroom drama or two, the sophistication of a well-tailored suit, and you’re well on your way to being more than just desirable.

  3. Doctor

    Image of a Male Doctor
    Annual Salary: $187,200

    Doctors are caring, smart, and incredibly skilled. What woman doesn’t want a man who touches so many hearts? And I’ll tell you one thing: the income isn’t going to hurt a bit.

  4. Marketing

    Image of a Male Marketing Manager
    Annual Salary: $67,780

    Presentation is everything. No woman likes a slob, so an innate ability to put your best foot forward will help you to get that foot in the door. Put on the right display, and she’ll realize that you’re that little something she’s been missing all along.

  5. Teacher

    Image of a Male Teacher
    Annual Salary: $55,050

    What girl didn’t have a professor crush or two in college? Knowledge is power and power is sexy. End of story. Throw in some boldly-framed glasses and an academic affinity for the finer things in life, and the women will be happy to learn another thing or two about you.

  6. Environmental Scientist

    Image of a Male Environmental Scientist
    Annual Salary: $63,570

    If green is the new black, then a green thumb is the new standard for sexual appeal. Let’s be real, nothing indicates a sensitive side more than a guy who’s dedicated to keeping the earth fresh for the next generation. And probably save the whales while he’s at it.

  7. Engineer

    Image of a Male Engineer
    Annual Salary: $79,340

    Known as the ultimate problem-solvers, engineers know just about everything, and use that knowledge to solve complex problems. It seems men have always complained that they just don’t understand women. Maybe now some of them do. What gal wouldn’t want that?

  8. Physical Therapist

    Image of a Male Physical Therapist
    Annual Salary: $79,860

    You’ll never hear a woman complain about a man who is good with his hands. She’ll always be up for a quick massage after work. But not to worry, chances are, she’ll be happy to return the favor.

  9. Accountant

    Image of a Male Accountant
    Annual Salary: $63,550

    Historically, accountants have had a reputation for being good with money, and not much else. Clearly, today’s ladies disagree. If he organizes his socks with half the skill he applies to organizing spreadsheets and financial records, then he’s an absolute keeper.

  10. Police

    Image of a Male Police Officer
    Annual Salary: $56,980

    Let’s get real: sometimes a woman just wants her man to take charge. Who better to do that than a guy in law enforcement? A little authority can go a long way with a woman. Go get the baddies, just be sure to keep an extra pair of handcuffs at home for later.



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