The Struggle Is Real: 10 Feelings Experienced By Every Architecture Student

Architecture school: It’s a veritable cauldron of emotions, the like of which is unlikely to compare with any other environment we will work in. The extreme highs and lows that accompany every late night design session and critical review can be exhausting – each semester brings with it mental challenges that leave a permanent impression on the mind of each and every one of us.

But, while the infamous ‘architorture’ can feel pretty unbearable at the time, each psychological hurdle cleared is another step towards realising your dream of becoming an architect – and toughens you up for the trials of professional life. Below are 10 classic feelings you will undoubtedly experience at least once during student life – embrace the FEELS and remember… we’ve all been there. #StayStrong

  1. When you forget to sleep that week before the final review.


  1. When someone complains about having stayed up until 1am to finish their essay.


  1. When someone says “Must be fun, drawing pretty pictures for a living.”


  1. When You Hit ‘Hatch’… and Autocad Crashes.


  1. When You Hit ‘Save’… and You’ve Run Out of Memory.


  1. When you finally go to bed… but continue to redesign your project in your head.


  1. When you are told the laser cutter has broken down.


  1. When someone tells you their favorite architect is Frank Gehry.


  1. When you are printing out… and realize you forgot to fix the scale on your drawings.


  1. When sit down after handing your final project in.

SOURCE: The Angry Architect


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